Welcome to the Speakeasy, where things are just a bit more --- relaxed. Give your password to the bouncer, and step in. Take off your coat (or whatever else you like) and stay awhile. 

There are few things you need to know before you enter:
- All the images here are shared with the client's permission. We never share anything that our client isn't OK sharing. Sometimes its painful not to be able to share images from a fantastic session, but our clients' happiness is most important. Some clients need complete privacy, and we never even mention we worked with them. Some clients are OK sharing a few images, some are open to sharing everything.

- None of the women here are professional models. They are women from all walks of life - moms, teachers, scientists, and more. We want you to see that every woman can have beautiful images of herself, not just models.

Enter Here

You will need a password to enter - what kind of speakeasy would we be if you didn't :)

You can get a password at our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/mikefoxphotographybeauty . Just message us from that page with the message "speakeasy", or find a recent post that asks you to comment for access to the speakeasy. We'll send you a password.